About G.E.T

From it’s highly specialised facilities based in the UK, General Engineering (Treatments) Ltd (G.E.T) is a world class supplier of critical metal surface treatments within the civil and military Aerospace industry. Offering a wide variety of Surface Treatments and Non-Destructive Testing across a comprehensive range of critical metals.


G.E.T are constantly adapting as well as improving to customers’ requirements, respecting responsiveness, quality and cost. We are continuously getting reviewed to ensure our standards are improving through our systems, resources and training for newer employees.

History of G.E.T

General Engineering (Treatments) Ltd (G.E.T) was formed in 1997 as a joint venture between General Engineering (Ilford) Ltd and Andrew Varley. At this time G.E (Ilford) Ltd were established within the Aerospace Engineering sector and Andrew Varley was experienced within Aerospace Surface Treatments.

Although G.E.T was independent of G.E (Ilford) Ltd it was formed as a treatments solution for them, this relationship giving G.E.T a firm foundation from which to develop into the global leaders that they are today.

This relationship dissolved in 2002 when G.E (Ilford) Ltd ceased trading, however by this time G.E.T had already successfully announced themselves as capable professionals, more than able to meet the high standards and demands within the Aerospace Treatments Industry.


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Our Operations

We carry out many different operations such as Chromic Acid Anodising, Zinc Spraying and more!

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